Family Tree Back Issues

January 2018

NEW Family Tree Academy, how to write your memoirs and a new series on the latest resources from the family history world

On Sale: 19 December 2017

Digital Edition: £4.99

Christmas 2017

NEW masterclass series for all levels, learn to read old handwriting, Christmas fun and games, plus our new family tree academy!

On Sale: 21 November 2017

Digital Edition: £4.99

December 2017

Top websites to trace back centuries, essential research that doesn't cost a penny, plus discover your RAF heroes!

On Sale: 24 October 2017

Digital Edition: £4.99

November 2017

Your kick-start tool kit with everything you need for your research, a pull-out guide to Parish registers, plus 10 top digital projects to start!

On Sale: 26 September 2017

Digital Edition: £4.99

October 2017

Discover your ancestors with our FREE WWI DVD, an in-depth guide on how to use maps, plus top tips for all levels!

On Sale: 29 August 2017

Digital Edition: £4.99

September 2017

Step-by-step guide on how to start your family history, 30-day genealogy bootcamp plus a FREE family tree chart

On Sale: 01 August 2017

Digital Edition: £4.99

August 2017

Learn about you First World War ancestor's experiences with our FREE DVD, plus 25 essential web search tips and tricks

On Sale: 04 July 2017

Digital Edition: £4.99

July 2017

Births, deaths and marriage records, how to build your family tree online, plus easy steps on record-keeping!

On Sale: 06 June 2017

Digital Edition: £4.99

June 2017

Discover the 50 best websites for family history, Family finder DNA tests, PLUS simple steps to help you arrange a historical day out suitable for all the family

On Sale: 09 May 2017

Digital Edition: £4.99

May 2017

Your A-Z of family history, top 5 genealogy skills you need for good research, PLUS how to plan a family history trip!

On Sale: 12 April 2017

Digital Edition: £4.99

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