November 2022

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FIND THAT ANCESTOR • Learn how to think like an expert and understand the difference between finding evidence and fixating on records. • Be inspired to trace your tree back to Medieval times, piecing together the stories of lives and communities. • Consider: when you’ve found the clues you need – is it always right to tell? Up your genealogy game with the latest issue of Family Tree. Find advice, inspiration and expertise to help you become an even better family history sleuth.

On Sale: 14/10/2022

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

Seeking evidence
Family Tree Academy tutor David Annal examines the importance of focussing on evidence, rather than fixating on a specific record to help you find that elusive ancestor

British Seafarers of Black & Asian Ancestry
Don't overlook the importance of seafaring records urges Simon Wills

Case study: a mediaeval family
Mike Maskrey has pieced together an extraordinarily detailed account of Mediaeval Maskreys. Read on and be inspired

Who’s the daddy?
Fergus Smith provides useful leads to follow up when faced with a blank for the father's details in Scottish records

Ethics discussed
Adèle Emm reflects on the ethics of family history, and the question of whether or not it’s always right to share

Things aren’t always what they seem
The records bizarrely showed that Joan Dexter's great-grandmother had been baptised the week before she was born

The form relatives didn’t want to fill in
Jackie Hendry on Form W5080 and the Dead Man’s Penny

Photogenealogy step 4
Ann Larkham outlines this month’s plan to enhance and share your family photos

London lives & deaths
Gill Shaw is researching her family in Victorian London

Can DNA help me find my Grandfather?
DNA advisor Karen Evans helps a reader and her sisters. Plus take a look at the new Ancestral Trees developments at DNA Painter

Genealogy Gadgets
Discover the tools that fellow family historians are putting to use

Spotlight on
Cornwall Family History Society

Photo Corner
Jayne Shrimpton helps a reader puzzle out a photo and sets a puzzle of her own


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Thoughts on: Diane Lindsay reflects on the bravery
of her father's uncle who served in World War I

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