May 2022

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Includes inspiring approaches, methods and step-by-steps hints on how to work smarter on your research problems, with advice from genealogists Chris Broom and Susie Douglas. Discover how the go-to genealogy records may hold all the clues we need – but it is up to us to investigate them thoroughly.

On Sale: 08/04/2022

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

Inside the May 2022 issue of Family Tree magazine:

Family history news
Rachel Bellerby reports on RootsTech & the 1,500 new free videos to view

Tracing Scottish house history
Chris Paton recommends invaluable records to help you

Ten Steps to finding John Armstrong
Susie Douglas shares some really useful tactics for tackling a long-standing genealogy brickwall

Another brick in your wall?
Chris Broom invites us to think differently about research problems and suggests some lateral-thinking theories to try

Postcards from the Front
Simon Wills shows how to decode censor marks and thus find a date and place for ancestors’ WW1 mail

Murder or Misadventure?
Heather Nicol recounts an unsolved mystery from her family history

Law & The Family Historian
Fergus Smith reflects on the importance of understanding a little of the laws enacted in times past

Old Handwriting mastered
David Annal, on brushing up your palaeography skills and decoding old documents

Gill Shaw pieces together the closing chapter of Joseph Riboldi junior’s life

A Summer to Remember
Siblings Judith Sexton and Frances Marshall set out to walk in their ancestors’ footsteps

DNA Workshop
Karen Evans helps a reader work out family connections from the early 1800s

Reclaimed Janes
Natalie Pithers reflects on the stories shared at a recent online family history writing event

Spotlight on...
Reigate and District Family History Group. Rosemary Creasey shows how it helps people onsite & online

And lots more!

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