Family Tree Back Issues

August 2019

Special pull-out guide on dating family photos (one of our favourite topics), learn how to trace adoption in your family, get free records worth £29, plus more ways to start writing up your family…

On Sale: 02 July 2019

Digital Edition: £4.99

July 2019

We showcase 500 years of marriage records and learn how to use them for your research, free records worth £32, find ancestors in Ireland, plus discover new DNA tools

On Sale: 04 June 2019

Digital Edition: £4.99

June 2019

Whether you're seeking the story of your WW2 veterans who fought at D-Day, or tracing your tree across continents to bring your family back together again, we've got a host of advice and tales to help…

On Sale: 07 May 2019

Digital Edition: £4.99

May 2019

25 FREE genealogy websites & super-saver ideas for your family research, plus how to use criminal records, and a special focus on Queen Victoria

On Sale: 09 April 2019

Digital Edition: £4.99

April 2019

EXCLUSIVE guide to researching your surname, your step-by-step guide to success, Freemasons' records, plus FREE records worth £39

On Sale: 12 March 2019

Digital Edition: £4.99

March 2019

A history of working lives special edition- with clues to finding your ancestor's working lives. Plus free records worth £33, practical tips to make sense of DNA tests, and learn about army records

On Sale: 12 February 2019

Digital Edition: £4.99

February 2019

Your ULTIMATE genealogy guide, FREE records worth £43 and get hands-on experience using wills to trace ancestors!

On Sale: 15 January 2019

Digital Edition: £4.99

January 2019

New Year New You? See what's in store for the family history world in 2019, plus new strategies for better research and see how much you can discover in 12 months!

On Sale: 18 December 2018

Digital Edition: £4.99

Christmas 2018

Includes 2019 Family History Handbook! Vital records masterclass, family festivities to try, and top tips for DNA matching

On Sale: 20 November 2018

Digital Edition: £4.99

December 2018

Top 20 family history solutions, free records worth £34 and 10 steps to smart searching

On Sale: 23 October 2018

Digital Edition: £4.99

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