July 2022

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Dive deep into the records, documents and photographic collections that can help you learn more about your ancestors’ lives. Learn from fellow readers’ genealogy research, general questions & DNA queries. Discover ideas about family history equipment to help you become a better researcher. Family Tree is here to help you discover all this and more…

On Sale: 10/06/2022

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What's in this Issue?

Inside the July 2022 issue of Family Tree magazine:

Death duty registers: a masterclass
David Annal shares practical advice and expert tips on using death duty registers for family history research

Photogenealogy: an introduction
Ann Larkham unveils the first steps in creating an awesome home photograph archive

A 'Retailing revolution'
Dress historian Jayne Shrimpton looks at the radical retail transformation of the British shopping scene between the wars

Was your ancestor schooled in the BCATP?
John D. Reid explores the role of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan in World War 2

What might a ring signify?
Charlotte Soares on the rings that our ancestors may once have worn, and the significance and stories behind them

Naval reservists
Simon Wills decodes the uniforms

Remembering the pioneer of the package holiday
Nicola Lisle looks back at the rise and fall of Thomas Cook

A novel connection
Julie Norton spent decades investigating the possibility of a connection to Jane Austen

DNA Workshop
Karen Evans helps a reader in search of DNA answers

Gill Shaw continues her kinship discoveries

Genealogy Gadgets & Apps (for all occasions)
Helen Tovey brings together a collection of tools that FT readers find helpful for family history

Family history news
Rachel Bellerby reports on the latest genealogy announcements

Dress & photo-dating historian Jayne Shrimpton analyses reader pictures and provides tips for us all to employ in our own research in her new series

Your questions
Our team of experts pit their wits and try to solve some reader mysteries

Diary dates
Online – and in the real world – find events to enjoy this July

Thoughts on...
Diane Lindsay begins a micro-journal

Subscriber club
Find out how to join the Family Tree Study Club

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