Using Living DNA for family history


05 October 2017
image--052-19208.jpg Living DNA for family history
Find out what a Living DNA test can tell you and how the results can help you with your family tree research.

Find out what a Living DNA test can tell you and how the results can help you with your family tree research.

Living DNA is an international personal genomics company founded on the purpose of taking the latest scientific research and presenting personal ancestry results in a way which everybody can understand.

As a global business with facilities throughout the USA, UK, Europe, we feel it is important to aim to celebrate people and their unique ethnic mix whist bringing it back to the fact that we’re all connected.

Worldwide ancestors

We’ve used the latest methods to analyse your ancestry results in the most detail possible, covering over 80 worldwide ethnic regions. The powerful systems we use allow us to regionalise someone's ancestry within countries all over the world; in particularly being able to pinpoint your ancestry across 21 regions within the British Isles and Ireland.

The Living DNA test can also break down your ancestry across 4 Italian regions and 4 regions of China, with the aim to develop the same level of detail throughout other countries all around the world. Getting your test today means you will benefit from free updates as we released exciting new features to the Living DNA platform.

Hannah Morden on “How We Deliver your Results” from Living DNA on Vimeo.

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What is the Living DNA test?

The Living DNA test is a 3-in-1 DNA test that covers your autosomal DNA (which they call Family Ancestry), mitochondrial DNA (your direct motherline) and YDNA (your direct fatherline). This offers the most comprehensive picture of your ancestry of all major genetic ancestry tests on the market. Some of the unique features include, ‘your ancestry through history’ that lets you explore your family ancestry going back 80,000 years!

What next?

Living DNA are currently working on new features to be explored throughout the Living DNA platform; these include: DNA matching which will allow all our customers to find previously unknown relatives and to what degree they’re related. Living DNA has a database growing by thousands every week, so this feature will contribute in helping any family historian find unknown relatives.

Living DNA’s platform is here to provide on-going support to the genealogical society, as well as, helping the wider society by providing strong global educational programmes to schools empowering children to understand more about their own heritage and their connection to each others in the world.

Find out more about Living DNA on the website.

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