4.2 million new family history records on Ancestry in Spring 2024


26 April 2024
Discover the new Stanford's map collections on Ancestry for family history Discover the new Stanford's map collections on Ancestry for family history
Discover new school admission records, memorial inscriptions, World War II related collections and the Guinness Employee Records, newly available on Ancestry through March and April 2024.

What’s that you’re drinking?! With a headline brand such as Guinness, the launch of the 204,604 Guinness Employee Records 1799-1939 on Ancestry in March, and the 1.4+ million Guinness Trade Ledgers 1860-1960 will have escaped the notice of not many family historians.

These popular collections are just some of the 4,289,097 records to have become newly available on Ancestry.co.uk through March and April 2024.

So what else can we now explore?

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Researchers with Aberdeenshire interests are in for a particular treat with School Admission Registers, Police Records, World War II Related Records, and an Index to Memorial Inscription Booklets.

Further collections include the UK Battle of Jutland Crew Lists 1916, Blacksmiths and Related Trades Index 1720-1940, Ireland first, second and third edition maps 1856-1905, and a small but extremely beautiful collection of maps from worldclass-mapping company Stanfords featuring London in 1890.

This last collection – the maps of London published by Stanfords at six inches to the square mile (1:10,560) – are a joy. Learn about the records here  and explore the digitised versions here (subscription to Ancestry required).

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