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The DNA Bootcamp Workbook is a packed 52-page guide to help you learn more about DNA for family history and to put your new-found DNA knowledge into practice.

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DNA Workbook

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What's in this Book?

Michelle Leonard’s expert DNA explanations are accompanied by step-by-step instructions and DNA tasks, woven through the pages, for you to dive in and get hands-on experience in mastering your DNA test results.

There are check lists and research logs to help you keep your progress organised.

The contents of this bumper 52-page printed guide include:

  • DNA tests: the basics
  • Setting yourself up to succeed
  • Your testing strategy
  • Check how robust is your tree?
  • Useful resources: 4 important tables
  • Watch out for outliers
  • How to link your Ancestry DNA
  • Organising matches: Direct Ancestors Groups Method
  • Organising matches: ABCD Group Method
  • Start clustering your matches
  • Master Research trees
  • Your ‘Identifying Matches Check List’
  • Useful tips for contacting matches
  • Create a master off-site repository
  • Insights to ‘ethnicity estimates’
  • Adoption, unknown parentage & MPEs
  • ‘No tree’ - tips & tricks
  • Quick & Dirty trees
  • Developing a DNA testing wish list
  • Uploading raw DNA data
  • Downloading raw DNA data
  • Triangulation explained
  • What are chromosome browsers?
  • Create your own X-DNA chart

The DNA Bootcamp Workbook was created to accompany the DNA Bootcamp. It can be used as a standalone aid to DNA research, but this would depend on prior knowledge of using DNA for family history.

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