DNA Workbook – 2023 Edition. DNA Guide for Family Historians

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DNA workbook DNA guide for family history by Family Tree and Michelle Leonard 2023

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The best-selling DNA Bootcamp Workbook is a packed 52-page guide to help you learn more about DNA for family history. Learn how to use the DNA tools and to put your new-found DNA knowledge into practice. Particularly suitable for those who have tested with AncestryDNA (MyHeritageDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, 23andMe and LivingDNA also covered).

What's inside?

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DNA Workbook – 2023 Edition. DNA Guide for Family Historians

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What's in this Book?

Michelle Leonard’s expert DNA explanations are accompanied by step-by-step instructions and DNA tasks, woven through the pages, for you to dive in and get hands-on experience in mastering your DNA test results.

Learn how to use autosomal DNA test kits (from AncestryDNA, plus also MyHeritageDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, 23andMe and LivingDNA) for family history.

There are check lists and research logs to help you keep your DNA family history progress organised.

What does the DNA Workbook include?

The contents of this bumper 52-page printed guide include:

  • DNA tests for family history: the basics
  • DNA match lists
  • Ethnicity estimates (Admixture)
  • Setting yourself up to succeed with using DNA for family history
  • Your DNA testing strategy
  • The process of recombination
  • What is the significance of segments?
  • Useful resources: 4 important tables
  • Check how robust is your family tree?
  • In-site probability tools
  • Try the Shared cM Project Tool 
  • Be alert to outliers
  • How to link your Ancestry DNA test to your online Ancestry tree
  • For your linked trees
  • Ancestry's SideView
  • Try out Ancestry's SideView
  • Make use of filtering & sorting options 
  • Try out search, sort & filter tools
  • Picking off the low-hanging fruit
  • Organising matches: Direct Ancestor Groups Method
  • Organising matches: ABCD Groups Method
  • Start clustering your matches
  • Working with shared match lists & the narrowing process 
  • Investigate your shared match lists
  • Identifying matches strategy check list
  • Master research trees
  • Create a master research tree
  • Quick & dirty trees
  • Try out the Q&D tree-building method
  • Ancestry organisational tools – ‘Edit Relationship’ and ‘Connect To Tree’ tools
  • Adoption, unknown parentage & MPEs
  • Sharing DNA results & collaborating with matches
  • Contacting matches
  • Ask to share match lists
  • Send out some feeler messages
  • Create an off-site repository
  • ‘No tree’ tips & tricks
  • Seek out your highest ‘no tree’ matches
  • Downloading raw DNA data
  • Uploading raw DNA data
  • Create a target testing wish list
  • Third Party Tools
  • Create your own X-DNA inheritance chart

How is the DNA Workbook connected to the DNA Bootcamp?

The DNA Bootcamp Workbook was created to accompany the DNA Bootcamp. It can be used as a standalone aid to DNA research, but this depends on prior knowledge of using DNA for family history.

If you have the first edition of the DNA Workbook you are welcome to buy the updated version but we do not feel this is necessary. The chief bulk of the information is the same in both versions.


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