NEW Genealogy Gadgets Club


20 September 2022
Join the Genealogy Gadgets Club - the place to learn about the tools, apps, software & kit that you need to make your family history research time more efficient and/or more enjoyable.

Family historians today embrace technology – and, to make sure you know about the tools you need, the Genealogy Gadgets Club is here to help with a programme of monthly meetings and presentations. The Genealogy Gadgets Club is available to members of Family Tree Plus.

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Talks on the Genealogy Gadgets Club programme will cover software, tools, apps and more. Topics will include long-standing family history programs, plus new tech developments, genealogy-specific apps and websites and generic services that family historians find useful too.

About the meetings

At the Genealogy Gadgets Club meetings you can look forward to specialist advice with:
•    Demonstrations on the key family history programs.
•    Explorations of new apps and websites to the family history fold.
•    Inspiration on ways in which to use generic software and kit (i.e. programs and items you may already own) for your family history.

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How Genealogy Gadgets Club can help you

At the Genealogy Gadgets Club meetings you can look forward to specialist help with:
•    Learning how to use the key family history programmes – and use them better.
•    Discovering which tools fellow family historians prefer – and why.
•    Plus: Keeping up to speed with new tools, apps and software releases for family history.

Come to the Genealogy Gadgets Club meetings

The Genealogy Gadgets Club meets online once a month, usually on the last Thursday of the month, 1-2pm UK time, live on Zoom. 

The first meeting FREE

The first meeting of the Genealogy Gadgets Club will be held on Thurs 29th September 2022 1-2pm UK time and will be FREE to attend. To find out how to join Family Tree Plus and become a member of the Genealogy Gadgets Club and to take your FREE trial see

Contact us

For further information, queries etc, please email [email protected]