20 September 2022
Join the new DNA Club from Family Tree Plus. Discover the steps, tools and strategies you need for working with DNA for family history

Discover everything you need to know about harnessing the power of DNA to transform your family history findings at the DNA Club.

Come to the DNA Club meetings

The DNA Club meets online once a month, usually on the third Wednesday of the month, live on Zoom, 12.30-1.30pm UK time. The DNA Club is one of the many things available when you sign up for Family Tree Plus. To find out more about Family Tree Plus and to take the FREE trial, visit

As a Family Tree Plus member you'll see that the DNA Club meetings are recorded too for you to watch when you wish. Dive into your DNA discoveries with the DNA Club - we are all at different stages on our learning journeys and all questions are very welcome. We'd like to help you find the answers you seek and the knowledge you need.

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About the meetings

At the DNA Club meetings you can look forward to expert advice on:
•    Making the most of your DNA discoveries with the key DNA testing companies.
•    Getting to grips with the additional tools to take your DNA discoveries further.
•    And keeping up with the latest DNA developments in our monthly succinct DNA news summary.

How the DNA Club can help you

Whether you're at the start of your DNA journey, or have been working with your test results for a while the DNA Club aims to be here to help you. We hope to create a collaborative community, meeting once a month, to discuss all things DNA. Some months the topics will be aimed at those newer to the topic - those just beginning to work on their DNA match lists. At other times we will be digging deeper into research skills to make sure that you gain the full understanding you seek in order to interpret and use your DNA results effectively. We will be looking at the more specialist DNA tools too, to help you take your next step with your DNA research.

DNA is such a fast moving topic that nearly every month will bring new discoveries, and with it new applications and implications for the ways in which we can use DNA for our family history research. The DNA Club news bulletins will help keep you on track and up to speed with the key developments in the world of DNA for family history.

Join the next meeting

The next meeting of DNA Club will be held on Wed 19 October 2022, 12.30-1.30pm UK time. To find out more about Family Tree Plus, DNA Club and to take the FREE trial, visit

Contact us

For further information, queries etc about the DNA Club or Family Tree Plus, please email [email protected]