Trace your Scottish ancestors - digital exclusive


22 July 2016
scottish-digi-cover-47763.jpg Trace your Scottish ancestors
Discover your heritage & learn how to research your family surnames, clans, DNA, key historic records & more...

Family Tree is excited to unveil its first digital exclusive, Trace your Scottish ancestors.

This one-off special issue is packed with features to help you get to grips with Scottish family history research. Articles include advice on how to research your family surnames, clans, DNA, finding free online resources, understanding Scottish wills and testaments, and more!

With expert tips from Chris Paton, Caroline Makein and Dr Bruce Durie, Trace your Scottish ancestors offers something for all levels of experience, from beginner to advanced, and includes interactive step-by-step guides.

Family Tree editor, Helen Tovey says: 'With breath-taking scenery to explore and world-class records online, family history research in Scotland is a genealogy treat.'

Maybe you’ve always known you have Scottish heritage, or perhaps the fact is a recent discovery for you; either way the selection of resources in Trace your Scottish ancestors will help you piece together a rich picture of your family’s past in Scotland. 

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The key records you need to start searching are available online, so you can jump right in. By following the advice in Tracing your Scottish ancestors you’ll gain a solid understanding of how to research family in Scotland – and we’ll show you some historic resources to really stretch your skills too.

In her own research Helen has found ancestors in Orkney, Sutherland, Stirling, Perth, Roxburgh, Glasgow and Edinburgh, 'Each of these discoveries has been a real thrill, and I’m proud to add them to my family tree, and be able to claim a small connection to this awesome land.'

We’re sure you’ll fall in love with your Scottish family history research too, so grab your copy of Trace your Scottish ancestors and get started today!