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28 January 2019
Robert-Parker-59297.jpg Robert Parker will be explaining how to trace smuggler ancestors at Family Tree Live
Robert Parker will be speaking on ‘Smuggling – an accursed thing’ at Family Tree Live

Tracing smuggler ancestors

Robert Parker will be speaking on ‘Smuggling – an accursed thing’ at Family Tree Live

Introducing Robert Parker’s talk:

In centuries past, the inhabitants of many towns and villages bought the smugglers’ goods and kept their secrets. Perhaps, like Robert Parker, your ancestor was involved in the smuggling trade.


Robert writes:

My talk is set at a time when contraband running was rife along the entire length of the British coast. Loud were the voices condemning it, but were my ancestors trading on the wrong side of the law? In my presentation I will tell you about their dealings and will give you ideas to help you trace your own customs men or smuggler ancestors too.


Smuggling was an ‘accursed thing’ according to John Wesley, founder of the Methodists.

The inhabitants of many towns and villages bought the smugglers goods and kept their secrets. Even parish priests and country squires sometimes welcomed the opportunity to purchase cheap wines, spirits and tobacco.


This story will take you on a journey into the past, with many twists and turns along the way – and a few surprises!


This talk is for you if you’re simply keen to learn about the colourful side of history, and perhaps, like researcher Robert Parker, have a customs or smuggler ancestor you need to track down.

Suitable for all levels of family history researcher, beginner to experienced.


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Come along to Family Tree Live find out more…

Robert Parker will be speaking at 16.00 on Friday 26 April 2019.


Mini bio:

Robert Parker is qualified with 25 years’ experience of researching and training and now helps others understand who they are, through researching their family tree. He also writes blogs for MyFamilyGenealogy which you can read by clicking this link.


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