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31 January 2019
Claire-Moores-04252.jpg Claire Moores
Learn how to use historical divorce records for family history


Learn how to use historical divorce records for family history

Claire Moores will be speaking on ‘The art of criminal conversation: divorce records, where you can find them and what they can tell you’ at Family Tree Live


Introducing Claire Moores’ talk:

Delve into some original records of marital unrest over the centuries in Claire Moores’ presentation, and discover the differing experiences of men and women during these sometimes turbulent and emotional times.

In her talk Claire Moores’ will look at an overview of the historical context in 16th century, what is meant by the term ‘divorce’. She will then go on to look at the key records useful for tracing our ancestors’ marital unrest, covering aspects such as:

  • The information that can be gleaned from Poor Law records
  • Legal documents of judicial separation in ecclesiastical courts or by Act of Parliament
  • Private deeds of separation
  • Private letters
  • Newspaper extracts

She will also be reflecting on what the records tell us about who was really ‘guilty’. Finally she will show you the steps you need to know to start your own research – covering both online datasets and archival gems.


This talk is for you if you need to trace the lives of ancestors who divorced, or if you are interested in the history of divorce over the centuries.

Suitable for many levels of family history experience.


Come along to Family Tree Live find out more…

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Claire Moores will be speaking at 10am on Friday 26 April 2019


Mini bio:

Claire Moores is an independent researcher with over 15 years' experience of local history and genealogical research projects, and is a supporter of local history provision in schools.


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