Ancestry Pro Tools


28 June 2024
How to use Ancestry Pro Tools Charts and Reports Family Group Sheet Family Tree UK A Family Group Sheet is a useful and classic way to display ancestor details, with their parents, spouse and children
Launched in the USA late last year, Ancestry Pro Tools are now available in Canada, Australia and the UK and require an active Ancestry family history membership and an additional payment in order to use them. What do you get for your money?

Pro Tools provide ‘advanced DNA and family history tools’ explains the Ancestry website.

Ancestry 'Enhanced shared matches' Pro Tool explained

Most notable to AncestryDNA researchers will be the ‘Enhanced shared matches’. This allows you to see how much DNA your matches share with one another.

This is a feature already offered by MyHeritageDNA to its DNA customers and now Ancestry DNA users will reap the benefits of this additional information for their research too. Karen Evans, Family Tree DNA advisor, reports that this new Ancestry Pro Tool is ‘super exciting with the enhanced shared matching!’.

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What else does Ancestry Pro Tools include?

Other Ancestry Pro Tools include:

  • Tree checker (to note possible errors);
  • smart filters (to search and sort beyond names);
  • charts and reports;
  • tree mapper (plotting ancestral locations),
  • and tree insights (providing information on ancestral trends and patterns).

What charts and reports are included in Ancestry Pro Tools?

The Ancestry Pro Tools charts and reports provides a range of well-known formats:

  • a descendant chart,
  • Ahnentaftel (ancestors),
  • register (‘assigns numbers to track descendants by family groups and birth order’),
  • family group sheet,
  • and a fan chart that shows up to 7 generations of direct-line ancestors – with hints, photos and sources included.

Find full details about Ancestry Pro Tools Charts and Reports here

How to get Ancestry Pro Tools

Ancestry Pro Tools cost US$10 per month and will be billed in your local currency and renew on a monthly basis until your family history membership ends. You may cancel your Pro Tools subscription at any time (up to 48 hours before your renewal date each month).

The monthly payment schedule for Pro Tools means that you can decide when, and when not, to have an active Pro Tools subscription to coincide with your current research plans and requirements.

Find out further details about Ancestry Pro Tools here