Live interview: In conversation with genealogy mystery crime novelist Nathan Dylan Goodwin


05 September 2023
Join us for a conversation with genealogy mystery crime novelist Nathan Dylan Goodwin, 3pm on Zoom, Friday 15 September 2023, live from Morton Farrier's home!

Fans of Nathan Dylan Goodwin's genealogy crime novels will know all to well what addictive reading they are - packed with mysteries that remain unfathomable... until genealogy and DNA skills are brought in to play.

  • But how does he do it?
  • How does he create such addictive, realistic, un-put-downable genealogy-filled page-turners?
  • How does he make genealogy research so fabulously terrifying!

We will be finding out the answers to all these questions, and more... Come & join us!

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How to watch the live interview with Nathan Dylan Goodwin

  • We are absolutely delighted to be chatting with Nathan Dylan Goodwin, in an interview on Friday 15 September 2023 at 3pm, to celebrate the 10th anniversary since Nathan published his first genealogy crime novel, Hiding the Past.
  • The interview will take place on Zoom - live from Morton Farrier's home!
  • To request the Zoom link to attend, please email [email protected] (please include a mention in 1 to 10 words of your favourite family history record).

There will be prizes!

We know, you don't need prizes to want to come along to the interview. The chance to hear Nathan Dylan Goodwin speak about his novels is more than enough. But... it's 10 years since Nathan's first genealogy crime novel - Hiding the Past - was published, and we believe that is definitely worth celebrating. So there will be prizes (signed copies of Nathan's books and subscriptions to Family Tree Plus) given away during the live session, starting 3pm on Friday 15th September. 

We are very much looking forward to seeing you there!

PS If you have yet to read Hiding the Past, you can read the opening pages here: