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14 June 2020
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We hope you're enjoying the #StoryOfOurStreet challenge and are discovering the stories, people and events of your street. You can continue the challenge with tips, advice and inspiration in every issue of Family Tree magazine.

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To celebrate the #StoryOfOurStreet challenge we offering you a FREE book, worth £14.99, when you sign up… 

Tracing Your House History: A Guide For Family Historians by Gill Blanchard
Published by Pen & Sword, this practical handbook is perfect for anyone who wants to find out about the history of their house.

Whether you live in a manor house or on a planned estate, in a labourer's cottage, a tied house, a Victorian terrace, a twentieth-century council house or a converted warehouse – this is the book for you.

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In a series of concise, information-filled chapters, Gill Blanchard shows you how to trace the history of your house or flat, how to gain an insight into the lives of the people who lived in it before you, and how to fit it into the wider history of your neighbourhood.

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