DNA Masterclass: How to use WATO?, starting 9 May 2024, tutored by Michelle Leonard


22 March 2024
How to use WATO DNA Painter Family Tree Michelle Leonard Online DNA course Family Tree webinar Learn how to use WATO and WATO+ from DNAPainter with Michelle Leonard
Join us for a two-part immersive masterclass, presented by DNA Detective Michelle Leonard of Genes & Genealogy and hosted by Family Tree. Michelle will demonstrate how to use WATO. (the DNA Painter tool, What Are The Odds?) that helps you assess your DNA research, analyse your hypotheses, and work to solve your family history mysteries

About the WATO Masterclass

The DNA Masterclass, 'How to use WATO?' (the DNA Painter tool, What Are The Odds?) will take place live, online, on Zoom on:

Thursday 9th May 2024, 7-9pm

& Thursday 23rd 2024, 7-9pm.

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The masterclass, brought to you by Family Tree, will be tutored by Michelle Leonard, with a live presentation, followed by time for questions hosted by Donna Rutherford.

The masterclass sessions will be provided with detailed accompanying handouts and will be recorded for you to view in your own time.

The recordings will be available to view until 24th June 2024.

Any queries, please contact [email protected]

About the Masterclass tutor, Michelle Leonard

Michelle Leonard is a professional genealogist, specialising in the use of DNA for family history. Her clients include people seeking to trace missing parents and grandparents and family historians wishing to solve the mysteries within their family trees. Michelle was instrumental in the Fromelles project, and the use of DNA to identify the remains of First World War soldiers. Co-author of the leading Pen & Sword book on the topic of DNA for family historians, recent years have seen Michelle publish the DNA Workbook with Family Tree, and Michelle also tutors the ever popular DNA Bootcamp (8 week online DNA skills course for family historians), hosted by Family Tree.

Follow Michelle via the links below.

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/genesandgenealogy

Twitter: www.twitter.com/genealogylass

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelleleonardgenealogist

APG: https://www.apgen.org/profiles/michelle-leonard

Ancestry Hour: http://www.ancestryhour.co.uk/michelle-leonard.html