Answers from the DNA quiz


21 April 2018
dna-2789567_1280-75661.png How did you get on in the Family Tree DNA quiz for family history
Find the answers to the DNA for family history quiz. If you've get to take the quiz, go to first - no peeking!

Please find the answers to our DNA for family history quiz below.

If you have get to take the quiz, please go to first!

1. What is is the common term for Deoxyribonucleic acid? (DNA)

2. My DNA results match me with a 3rd cousin. Which common ancestor might we share? (3rd generation grandparent)

3. There are three types of DNA test. What are they? (Y-DNA; Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA); Autosomal DNA (atDNA))

4. Which type of test can only trace the female line? (mtDNA)

5. How many pairs of chromosomes does a human have? (23)

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6. Which DNA test can uncover relatives (matches) on both sides of your family line? (Autosomal DNA)

7. Which gender has two XX chromosomes? (Female)

8. DNA has a characteristic structure. What do we call this? (Double Helix)

9. When was the first mitochondrial DNA fully sequenced at Cambridge University? (1981)

10. Which DNA test is typically used in surname research and why? (Y-DNA because it traces only the male line of descent)


Thank you to Family Tree reader Steve Ward for writing this quiz. We hope you've already enjoyed it!

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