About: Keith Searle

House historian, author & genealogist

Keith Searle is author of the TraceMyHouse.com website which is full of resources to help you trace your home, that of your ancestors, or the former inhabitants, from the 20th century back to Medieval times.

The website comprises guides to the key records for tracing buildings and people, with information about American houses, as well as UK ones. The list of house museums on the website makes informative and inspiring reading for those curious about house history, and the timeline provides a useful visual aid to help work out which records might be available for the period of house history in which you are searching. Scroll down to the bottom of the website to explore the directory of resources provided to aid your house history research.

House History Show presentation

On Saturday 15 May, house historian, author and genealogist Keith Searle will be co-presenting ‘In Conversation: Tracing the history of your house’ with Dr Nick Barratt, in which they will delve into sources and discuss practical house history research experiences

Keith will also be participating in the chats and plenary Q&A through the Saturday.

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