Video guides: FamilySearch mobile apps, sharing family history and memories


06 August 2020
Watch video guides on FamilySearch mobile apps, Tree and Memories; Helping your relatives to share their Memories; and How to share my family history and memories. Video guides originally broadcast as part of the July 2020 Family Tree Academy Conference in association with FamilySearch.

Introduction to FamilySearch mobile apps, Tree and Memories - Tim Manners

A review of the Family Tree app, how to view and add information. Learn how to navigate the Family Tree, view more information about individuals and add new details. A review of the Memories App and how to add new media. Beginner to advanced.

Helping your relatives to share their Memories - Brian McKechnie

Every family has memories they want to keep such as old photos, journals and historic items. Learn how to help your relatives preserve their memories, including using audio and video tools. Some ideas for simple interview techniques and other fun ways to share your unique heritage. Beginner to advanced

How to share my family history and memories - Torsten Kux

This presentation will introduce you to some simple and easy ways to share your family history, including photos, stories and audio files using FamilySearch. Aimed to those who have started with their family history, but now want to share that with family and friends and get them involved. Beginner to advanced.


Family Tree subscribers also enjoy access to a growing library of video guides, including ‘Skills needed by today’s family historians’ with Karen Evans, Torsten Kux, Michelle Leonard & Penny Walters.

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