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Family Tree AcademyThe Family Tree Academy is a growing resource of instructional videos and video guides written and delivered by some of the world's top genealogy experts.

The videos are available to subscribers of the print edition of Family Tree magazine as part of their subscription – why not join today for as little as £3.99 per month and gain access to our growing library of video courses? 

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The video guides are perfect for learning at your own pace, in your own home. Dip in and learn when you have time, and watch your family history know-how grow.

You can find more Family Tree Academy challenges and learning in every issue of Family Tree magazine and you can download the latest worksheets on the Family Tree Academy Resources page.

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Expert panel discussion: ‘Preserving, organising…

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‘Skills needed by today’s family historians’ with…

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Long-time family history enthusiast Karen Evans…

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  Discover resources to help you trace your ancestors in the British Isles

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  Recording and collecting family stories

Why you should record family stories and how to do…

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  Learn about the Great Frost and Famine of 1739-1741

How did these events of frost and famine occur in…

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