August 2024

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Latest issue of Family Tree August 2024 magazine UK helping you discover your family story

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Immerse yourself in family history this summer, and wherever you're holidaying (or not) time-travel with Family Tree. From diving into your distant ancestry to explore the clues revealed by Ancient DNA; or investigating the toughest of times that your ancestors experienced (from plague to famine), Family Tree is here to help you understand more about your heritage

On Sale: 12/07/2024

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What's in this Issue?

Exploring Ancient DNA for genealogy
Diane Brook pieces together an account of our shared human past as revealed by artefacts, remains and DNA

Read all about it!
David Annal explores the rich world of newspaper archives 

How to cluster DNA matches
Karen Evans explains clustering, a powerful tool that can help us to rationalise and understand our DNA matches

Marital anomalies
Paul Chiddicks looks at the intriguing anomalies we might come across when examining our ancestors’ marriage records

Garages, sheds and family treasures
Charlotte Soares contemplates the precious memories that can be evoked by the items left behind 

Twiglets: Sleuthing the siblings
Gill Shaw digs into the details of the five adoptive cousins of her relation Catherine Mary

Spotlight on...
The Alderson FHS! 

The plague years
Wayne Shepheard invites us to consider mass causes of death, other than the Black Death, in centuries past

My pioneering cousin
Emma Jolly introduces us to a trailblazing Welsh relative

Deciphering a WWII RAF service record

Photo Corner
Photo-dating expert Jayne Shrimpton shares valuable dating clues

Book review
The Undesirables: The Law that Locked Away a Generation

Thoughts on...

Diane Lindsay encourages us to find our ‘voice’, and write

Plus: Family history news, events, readers' letters, your questions & answers

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