WY Genealogy


WY Genealogy: Yorkshire-based, undertaking genealogy research thoughout England, Wales and Ireland.

Susan Holdsworth, genealogist. Over 40 years experience.

Yorkshire based, we undertake research throughout England, Wales and Ireland.

Fixed price, PAYG or bespoke packages

Ideal gift for:

  • Special birthday or anniversary
  • Wedding
  • New Parents

Society of Genealogists (membership number 10015153)

Packages - Tracing genealogy lines through to 3 x great grandparents  (where records allow)
Package 1: Bronze £225
We will trace your direct ancestry back through ONE grandparent of your choice. 
Package 2: Silver £450
We will trace your direct ancestry back through TWO grandparents of your choice.
Package 3: Gold £675
We will trace your direct ancestry back through THREE grandparents of your choice.
Package 4: Platinum £900
We will trace your entire genealogy back through all FOUR grandparents. 
Pay As You Go
Hourly Bespoke Family Tree Research by a Professional Genealogist
£50 per two hours
£90 per 4 hours
£175 per 8 hours
£250 per 12 hours
These include a simple report showing our findings. 
Clients sometimes need help with more specific areas of their family history research, which is where our PAYG service applies.  Maybe a grandparent passed down a family story and you want to know more about what happened? Perhaps you need help with a “brick wall”?
We have access to millions of genealogical records, and have the skills to interpret them.
You can commission our family history research services in blocks as below. At the end of each block we provide a report outlining our findings. If you would like a detailed tree chart, we can create that too.
Additional Services
£155 Separate fee for constructing a pdf family tree chart, either from clients own research or from research which WYGenealogy has conducted
£30 printed family tree  (Postage and package charges apply.)
£10 per image Location Photography (add on to hourly research, where applicable
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