TheGenealogist releases 12,000 records from war memorial around the UK


20 December 2019
Bowmore war memorial
TheGenealogist has announced that it has released 12,000 records from war memorials around the county, bringing this collection to a total of 580,000 records of individuals.

These records are fully searchable on the military records section of TheGenealogist with photographs centred on their inscription. These memorials can give researchers an insight into education, rank, regiment and occupation of an ancestor. 

The War Memorial records will allow the family history researcher to discover:


  • over 12,000 additional individualsrecorded on War Memorials 
  • additional War Memorials from England and Canada 
  • fully searchable records transcribed from images of the tributes
  • colour images of the memorial centred on their name
  • a variety of memorials in honour of the war dead from various conflicts 

The Map Explorer™ on TheGenealogist can also be used to locate all the War Memorials on georeferenced historic and modern maps, making them easy to find. The War Memorial database includes names from the Boer War, the First World War and World War II. This latest release from TheGenealogist covers war memorials from various parts of the UK, particularly West Yorkshire, County Durham and East Sussex as well as Canada. 


Exploring the UK's war memorials


This new release covers war memorials of all types. There is the World War I memorial volume book held in Darlington Central Library for Pease and Partners of Darlington. This firm owned mines, quarries and other works all over County Durham and Teeside.


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This particular memorial is useful to a researcher wanting to "break down barriers" as it not only gives the rank and regiment of the man, but also gives his place of occupation (which particular mine, quarry, or works they had been employed in) which could aid a researcher to try to get the employment record for an ancestor – the volume is divided into sections for the 543 men who died, over 4,100 who served and details of the medals awarded to 134 of them.


Other employment War Memorials in this release include: Yorks & Lancs Railway locomotive worksat Horwich where 122 employees were killed in World War I and in London the Worshipful Company of Armourers and Braziers, recording 37 men who were killed or served in World War I and World War II.


Explore the records at TheGenealogist.


QUICK LINK: Video - expert tips for using records on TheGenealogist

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