May 2023

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Celebrating 70 years of DNA: history, milestones & how you can join in and learn how to use DNA for family history A look at the past 70 years of DNA discoveries, the 70th anniversary of the discovery of the double-helix, the wider history of DNA, and a round-up of some of the movers and shakers in the field of DNA and genealogy. PLUS a mini beginner guide on how to get started with DNA today

On Sale: 14/04/2023

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What's in this Issue?

DNA Workshop
In our DNA Workshop this issue, DNA advisor Karen Evens steps up to help a reader whose DNA confirms that his relations are not related to him... as he suspected

When working with unreliable surnames…
Hitting the papertrail, Family Tree Academy tutor David Annal shows the steps he took to trace a family that liked to choose from a selection of surnames

Getting back before parish registers
Learn how to look at the past with new eyes: Dr Nick Barratt gives insights to the world of our ancestors from many centuries past, with advice on 17 useful records to power your research

How to illustrate your family’s history
Dr Simon Wills shows you where to find fabulous images to illustrate the past

Many names, one man
Claire Bradley demonstrates the value of digging deeper

Mapping your family history with flourish
Follow Dr Sophie Kay’s inspiring instructions and discover how to make an interactive timeline of your family history with genealogy gadget, Flourish

Fairy tale Insights
Wayne Shepheard takes a look at fairy tale characters & examines what they reveal about our ancestors’ times

Spotlight on
Take a look at the Braund One-Name Study, and its impressively multigenerational membership

Gill Shaw's makes some unexpected discoveries, in the way of two Canadian Home Children

Photo corner
Jayne Shimpton analyses a selection of pictures from the past

Thoughts on...
Diane Lindsay’s reflects on the uncomfortable past beds of her forebears

Your pull-out chart: A coronation keepsake
A family tree chart to pull out, fill in, and file away for the future (or pin it up!)

Plus: news, reviews, dates for your diary, reader questions, and more

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