Try our family history mini quiz!


02 December 2022
Try our mini quiz and test your genealogy knowledge, from photo dating to old- and new-style dating.

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Try our mini quiz and test your genealogy knowledge, from dating to old weights and measures

1. Samuel Pepys the diarist went to Westminster Abbey on 23 February 1633, his 36th birthday, and rather bizarrely but gleefully reports he kissed the skeletal mummy of Queen Katherine de Valois on the mouth. What year was he born in both old style and new style dating?

2. The baptisms of how many people between 1600 and 1700 by the name of John Paton have been transcribed on FreeReg?

3. You come across a photo of an ancestral couple, and both the male and female are depicted in headwear that seems particularly tall. What years does this indicate that the photo dates from?

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4. How many barleycorns make up 1 furlong?  


1. 1633-34. We know Pepys recognised both old and new style of dates because most of his entries are dual-dated and we know tax gathering, and therefore Lady Days, were important to him.

2. Two

3. 1885-86 to 1890

4. Furlong = 7920 inches = 23,760 barleycorns

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