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18 February 2019
Donald-Davis-02606.jpg Donald Davis
Discover the hidden secrets in the UK census records

Discover the hidden secrets in the UK census records 

Donald Davis will be speaking on ‘Discovering the hidden secrets in the UK census records’ at Family Tree Live.

Introducing Donald Davis’ talk:

In his talk Dr Davis will show how an exploration of the recently discovered census householders’ schedules reveals enumerator eccentricities.

  • Who were these people who recorded your ancestors’ vitals?
  • What were your ancestor’s enumerators strengths and weaknesses?

Getting a solid appreciation of the historic records we search for details of our ancestors’ lives is essential for reliable research, and Davis’ insights will help you hone these skills.

He will demonstrate that context is key to interpreting records, so varied are the records, the creators of the records, and the historical background in which they were created. By thinking more fully about the records we use for our research we can more fully understand the ‘facts’ that we find and what they mean for our family history.


As this talk sheds light on what is arguably our richest source, it will be of interest to new and seasoned family historians.


Come along to Family Tree Live to find out more…

Dr Donald W Davis will be speaking at 10am on Friday 26 April 2019


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Mini bio:

Donald Davis retired from a career in epidemiological research to an avocation in English Local History. His recent study of literacy and occupational mobility led to a discovery of importance to family historians.


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