Family Tree Academy

Join the Family Tree Academy and become a skilled family historian!

There are two ways to get involved with the Family Tree Academy. We offer a growing collection of online courses and guides exclusively available to print subscribers of Family Tree magazine and you can also access activities, exercises and advice in the Family Tree Academy pages in Family Tree magazine.
Do you love family history?
And enjoy learning about the records and search skills you need to trace your ancestors’ stories?
The Family Tree Academy online video courses and guides can help you do just that.
The videos ares available to subscribers of the print edition of Family Tree magazine – why not join today and gain access to our growing library of videos?
We know how important it is to learn about the essential records. We also understand how frustrating it is to have family history brick walls you wish you could smash through. And we definitely get just how exciting it is to learn new things about your roots!
Packed with written advice, quizzes and videos, the growing collection of online courses and guides is perfect for learning at your own pace, in your own home. Dip in and learn when you have time, and watch your family history know-how grow.

Your monthly genealogy challenges in Family Tree magazine…

With every issue of Family Tree, we will be setting you genealogy challenges to help you improve your research skills and make your family history investigations more rewarding.

With a professional researcher as your tutor in Family Tree, you will get the chance to:

1. Tackle research case studies

2. Learn about a broad range of records

3. Take your research to the next level

What will you study?

These are some of the great topics we have in store:

wills, electoral registers and poll books, quarter sessions records, the hearth taxes, tithe records, protestation returns and oaths of allegiance, parish registers, militia lists, manorial court records, valuation office survey field books and maps, the 1939 Register, Armed forces records, and gravestones and memorials

Who can join?

The Family Tree Academy challenges are published in each issue of Family Tree magazine.

  • The Family Tree Academy is your opportunity to really hone your family history research skills.
  • We know how frustrating it is to have brickwalls, and we want to help you solve them.
  • We also know how much fun it is to discover new records to explore and we really hope you’ll find your studies with the Family Tree Academy extremely rewarding.

Here’s to becoming the best genealogist that you possibly can be! Happy learning.

Printable Worksheets

Download the worksheets below and use them to fill in your answers to Family Tree Academy work set in your magazine

Family Tree Academy worksheets

Print and use the sheets to fill in your answers to the Academy challenges in Family Tree magazine (Not got a copy of the mag? Can't have that. To order yours, head over to here)

Genealogical glossary A to Z sheets

Blank sheets for you to print and create your own list of useful family history words.