Donna Rutherford's Guide to Genetic Genealogy

Thanks for registering for this exclusive 2-part webinar series, covering how to build expert research trees and how to improve your skills and become a DNA detective.

This hub page is your place to view the webinar recordings and download the handout. If you have any questions, please email: [email protected]

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Here is the recording of Week One below:


Here is the recording for Week Two:


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We really hope you enjoyed this Masterclass in the excellent hands of presenter Donna Rutherford and host Michelle Leonard. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm on this Family Tree event. We have further exciting plans in the pipeline with Donna and Michelle - see below:


Wed 17th July 12.30-1.30pm Donna will be presenting on haplogroups to DNA Club. Come and learn how to find out where you fit on the giant human haplotree and the FamilyTreeDNA tools to help you. DNA Club is one of the Family Tree Plus features. Take a free trial


Wed 25th September, 7-9pm Michelle will be presenting DNA Bootcamp. Michelle's 8-week online class teaches the core stills for using autosomal tests for family history. Find out more