Guide to the MyHeritage DNA test


04 May 2021
Is the MyHeritage DNA test right for me? Read on to find out what this DNA kit offers for family history.

What are the benefits of the MyHeritage DNA test? What does it offer that other tests don't? 

Autosomal DNA tests are the most useful for doing your family history and discovering unknown parentage, making the MyHeritage DNA test a good choice. But is it right for you?

Read on for five top benefits:

1. Chromosome browser for comparing up to 7 matches at a time

This visual tool allows you to locate the DNA segments you share with a DNA match. You can find the tool on your DNA matches page, after you select 'review match'.

The purple bars represent the DNA segments that you share with your selected match; the longer the shared segment, the higher the probability that it was inherited from a shared ancestor. Discover more in How to Use Chromsome Browsers at the MyHeritage Knowledge Base.

2. Simple cheek swab test method

The two-minute cheek swap requires no blood or spit. Just mail to the lab in the included envelope and receive your results online within four weeks.

3. 2,000+ geographic regions

Benefit from a database of over 2,100 geographic regions and 42 top-level ethnicities, which MyHeritage DNA say is the largest of any other DNA test on the market. Your results include an ethnicity breakdown and identify the specific groups from which you descend.

Find out which region the maternal and paternal side of your tree came from - and the percentage of your DNA that comes from each region. 

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4. See how shared matches match with each other

Two new tools announced in February 2021 make it even easier to assess your shared matches. MyHeritage now indicate whether your Shared DNA Matches appear in a family tree on MyHeritage, and whether you have added a note to a given shared match.

They also allow you to access that family tree, or that note, directly from the Shared DNA Matches section of the Review DNA Match page.

Find out more on the MyHeritage blog.

5. Theory of Relativity Smart Match Autocluster tool to help you analyse your matches

MyHeritage's Theory of Family Relativity™ helps you make the most of your DNA Matches by incorporating genealogical information from all the MyHeritage collections of nearly 10 billion historical records and family tree profiles, to offer theories on how you and your DNA Matches might be related.

For more on the test, visit MyHeritage DNA.

Click here for Family Tree's DNA test comparison page.

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