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  Recording and collecting family stories

Why you should record family stories and how to do…

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  Learn about the Great Frost and Famine of 1739-1741

How did these events of frost and famine occur in…

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  Three easy steps to getting started with family history

Learn how to research your family history with…

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  An introduction to surname research and one-name studies

Learn about the enthusiastic group of experts who…

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  Voyages from the Past

Maritime historian Dr Simon Wills talks about the…

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  What stories would your ancestors tell?

An engaging talk for beginners by Robert Parker on…

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  Starting your family history online

With the widespread use of the internet for family…

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  Researching Your Northamptonshire Ancestors with Angela Malin

Get specialist local advice to help you trace…

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  Dr Gill Draper - Living the Poor Life

Learn how to use workhouse records to research…

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