Was your ancestor featured in Who’s Who?


01 February 2021
TheGenealogist has added almost 100,000 Who’s Who records to its Occupational Records collections, with entries covering individuals from all over England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, USA, New Zealand and further afield.

What is Who’s Who?

In general the format of a Who's Who is to print a listing for various notable persons together with their biographical information recorded in a concise paragraph or two. The oldest and best-known of these is the annual publication Who's Who, which is a reference work on contemporary prominent people in Britain published annually since 1849, some of which are available to search on TheGenealogist.

The records can be used to discover more about an ancestor’s achievements and are fantastic for identifying where next to apply your research. Who’s Who records will confirm birth dates and sometimes the place of birth. Often they give a father’s name and occupation and a great deal more useful information that may help to build a better family history.

You can use the records to:

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  • Add details to the lives of your ancestors
  • Discover their accomplishments
  • Fill in gaps in the information that you already have on an ancestor
  • Find other records and places to search for forebears

This latest release includes: 

  • Who's Who in 1880
  • Who's Who 1899
  • Who's Who in Canada 1927
  • Cheshire Who's Who, 1910
  • Cox's County Who's Who Series. Norfolk, Suffolk, and Cambridgeshire, 1912
  • Cricket Who's Who, The Cricket Blue Book 1911
  • Who's Who in Hampshire 1935
  • Who's Who and Industrial Directory of the Irish Free State 1935
  • Who's Who in Kent, Surrey and Sussex 1911
  • Who's Who in Literature 1931
  • Masonic Who's Who 1926
  • The Methodist Who's Who 1913
  • Who's Who in New Zealand 1925
  • Who's Who and Record Quarterly 1934 July-September
  • Who's Who in Science 1914
  • Who was Who 1916-1928

The records are available as part of a Diamond subscription to The Genealogist.

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