Theory of Family Relativity updates: DNA news


02 February 2024
MyHeritage has refreshed the data for its Theory of Family Relativity, adding millions of new theories to help users explain their relationship to DNA matches.

Theory of Family Relativity™ is a powerful feature for genetic genealogy that helps to family history researchers who use MyHeritage see how they and their DNA Matches might be related, based on family trees and historical records in the MyHeritage database. 

The updates include:

  • The total number of theories has grown by 22%, to 166,168,357
  • The number of DNA Matches that include a theory has grown to 116,865,576, representing a 22% increase
  • The total number of paths has increased by 21%, to 1,204,841,247

The number of DNA kits with at least one theory has grown by 7%, to 2,528,969

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