The Times newspaper historic collection launched at TheGenealogist


31 October 2022
Printing House Square and The Times office in London
TheGenealogist has announced the launch of a collection of fully searchable copies of The Times, with 3,129 editions of the newspaper from the 1870s onwards available to researchers.

The Thunderer, as it was nicknamed, like many other newspapers, carried birth, marriage and death announcements and so is a good resource for finding details of our ancestors and where they lived.

You might also find mention of an ancestor if he or she was the perpetrator, victim or witness to a crime. Other ancestors may have warranted their name in print on being newly qualified and joining a professional body, for example The Royal College of Surgeons.

Newspaper notices can also be of interest for divorce cases, as you can read who was the petitioner, respondent and co-respondent. Often included is the county in which the couple had lived, and an occupation for the man.

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