Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire historic records and maps now complete at TheGenealogist


02 October 2023
Bedford High Street in 1916
TheGenealogist has announced that it has released over 1,100 square miles of searchable property records from the 1910s, completing its 1910 land tax records collection for these counties.

TheGenealogist has now completed the 1910s land tax records for Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. These Lloyd George Domesday Survey records are a fully searchable resource.


Using the field books and maps enables you to discover more about the type of property that your ancestors once occupied and to see the actual location on a range of contemporary and modern maps.


Using TheGenealogist’s Map Explorer™, family and house historians can now see the same georeferenced plot on a modern map and investigate how the area may have changed over the last 100 years or more, as well as click through to read the surveyor’s field book entries.

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Use these records to:

  • Find individual properties on detailed 1910-1915 maps, zoomable to the exact plot
  • Discover details about the house; surveyor’s Field Books often revealing the size and number of its rooms
  • See the features of the neighbourhood in which an ancestor lived on the historic maps
  • Search using the Master Search or by clicking on the pins displayed on TheGenealogist’s Map Explorer™ 
  • View how an area changed over time as historic maps are layered over modern street maps 

This ongoing project is set to cover the rest of England & Wales over the coming months and years.

Available exclusively on TheGenealogist.