New photo colourisation model released by MyHeritage


03 December 2020
Following on from the launch of MyHeritage In Color™ earlier this year, MyHeritage have now released a new colourisation model that promises even better results for old family photos.

Jason Antic and Dana Kelley from DeOldify have been working with MyHeritage on the new development and the new model produces such good results that it will now be used as the default option when people colourise their black & white photos at MyHeritage.

Why should you colour black & white photos?

Colourised historical photos can spark an interest in the past and help us relate more personally to events and people from times gone by. They allow us to view these photographs in a new way, giving us new perspectives on the people and places who made us who we are today. 

Whenever you choose to colour a photo on MyHeritage, the original version is always available for you to refer to. 

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How to get started

MyHeritage in Color™ allows anyone to colourise up to 10 photos for free. Beyond that, it is a paid feature and requires the Complete plan on MyHeritage. Learn more about our different plans here