New Nairnshire records added to FindMyPast


19 May 2023
Nairn c.1906
More than 4,000 registers and records, spanning the years 1290 to 1850 have been added to FindMyPast's Scottish collections - focusing on Nairnshire.

Scotland People of Nairnshire 

Over 4,000 new transcriptions have been added to this existing collection. These records are from multiple sources, and often include details such as names, places and additional notes. If your ancestor was from Nairnshire, this collection could be the key to getting past your brick walls. The records are images of publications about Scottish parishes or families. What you will find in each work will vary depending on its subject.

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Scotland Registers and Records 

To complement the Nairnshire records, a further five publications have been added into 'Scotland Registers and Records.' These PDFs cover the years 1290 to 1850, and include social histories, parish records and more. There are 84 titles in total to explore, including Land and People of Nairnshire by Bruce B. Bishop, offering key detail about Nairnshire residents.  

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(Image shows Nairn c.1906 and is copyright Tuck DB Postcards)