Video report: Launch of MyHeritage in Colour - transforming black & white family photos


12 February 2020
Black and white photos can be transformed using 'sophisticated deep learning technology' that is currently exclusive to MyHeritage.

The new initiative can be used by family historians around the world for free for their first few photos, and is then available as a feature of a premium MyHeritage subscription.

How does it work?

MyHeritage explain that MyHeritage In Color™ produces 'lifelike colorized photos with exceptional attention to detail'. The technology was trained using millions of photos, meaning that the results are more realistic and of superior quality to those generated by other automatic colorization tools currently available.

The black and white photos remain intact and are not changed by the colorization process, which produces new photos alongside the original ones.

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Emotional reactions

Gilad Japhet, Founder and CEO of MyHeritage, said: 'The photos colorized by MyHeritage In Color™ are breathtaking. Joining our easy-to-use family tree tools, billions of historical records, and automatic matching technologies, this amazing new feature helps fulfill our mission of bringing the past back to life.

'On a personal note, it’s been very emotional for me to see my black and white family photos reimagined in color for the first time. The reactions of my family members with whom I’ve shared them, both young and old, have been priceless. Millions of people will now realize how cool family history really is.'

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