MyHeritage becomes the first family history company to use conversational AI for genealogy


03 January 2024
MyHeritage has announced the release of two new AI features which it promises will ‘revolutionise genealogy’ in the same way Chat GPT revolutionised searching the internet.

AI Record Finder™ is an interactive, intelligent, free-text chat to help family historians locate relevant historical records about a person of interest in MyHeritage’s database of 20 billion records. 

The second new feature, AI Biographer™, automatically compiles a narrative about an ancestor’s life using information from historical records that match the person, creating a Wikipedia-like biography. MyHeritage has announced that is ‘the only service to offer such groundbreaking features for family history, and the first to leverage conversational AI for searching historical records’.

The two new features are integrated, allowing MyHeritage users to generate an AI Biograph for ancestors they find using AI Record Finder. AI Biographies may also be generated directly for individuals in family trees on MyHeritage.

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'Pushing the boundaries of genealogy'

Gilad Japhet, Founder and CEO of MyHeritage, said of the new features: ‘We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of genealogy to reinvent the way people can discover their family history as we implement a bold vision for genealogy in the 21st century. AI Record Finder™ is a disruptive feature that simplifies the way people can find information about their ancestors by making the search easier and more intuitive. AI Biographer™ curates the details about a person’s life into a compelling story. Not all our ancestors were famous, but they all deserve to be remembered! Together, these cutting-edge features strengthen MyHeritage’s position as the industry leader for innovative genealogy and continue our mission to make family history easier, more accessible, and more fun for everyone.’

AI Record Finder™ and AI Biographer™ both use automated third-party technology powered by OpenAI. Find out more at MyHeritage.