Mayflower passenger lists added to collections at FindMyPast


14 September 2020
FindMyPast have released details of a new collection that includes the names and details of all 132 known passengers and crew who set sail from Plymouth on board the Mayflower 400 years ago.

Did you know... 35 million people around the world are descended from the Mayflower pilgrims. 

You can discover more about the Mayflower passengers with FindMyPast's latest addition. 

Who was on board the Mayflower?

The collection consists of five pages of the Mayflower Compact. Created and signed during the vessel’s ten weeks at sea, it recorded the essential details of who those on-board and established a rudimentary form of democracy for the new settlement.

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Transcripts list:

  • the Pilgrims' names
  • birth years
  • birth places
  • relationships to others on the ship
  • images may reveal additional details

The Compact only includes those that actually sailed on the Mayflower and does not include other members of the Puritan group that stayed in England or the Netherlands.

The Mayflower arrived in America and set anchor in present-day Cape Cod, at Provincetown Harbor, on 11 November 1620. The settlers were forced to endure their first winter unprepared; as a result, only about half of those recorded survived those harsh first months.

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