Land survey gives a snapshot of 19th-century land ownership


28 April 2023
Return of Owners of Land for England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales is new to FindMyPast

Known as the ‘Modern Domesday’, the Return of Owners of Land was the first comprehensive and complete picture of land ownership and distribution across England & Wales, Scotland, and Ireland since 1086. 

Information includes:

  • Name
  • Address (the owner’s home address, rather than the address of the land in that county)
  • Where your ancestor owned land
  • Size of land own in that county (measured in acres, rods, and perches)
  • Value of land (gross estimated rental value)

England & Wales, Return of Owners of Land 1873 

Published in 1873, this book details all owners of land over one acre. New this week, there over 269,000 transcripts and images to explore, which should help you unearth a name, home address, and details of the land they held.  

Explore here.

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Scotland, Return of Owners of Land 1873 

The same survey as above was carried out in Scotland. It similarly lists names, addresses, land sizes and valuations with just over 20,000 records. This collection is also new to Findmypast this Friday. 

Explore here.

Ireland, Return of Owners of Land 1876 

This existing collection has been updated and improved, and contains around 33,000 records. While the survey for Ireland was taken in 1873, the report was not published until 1876.  

Explore here.

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