How do I find the latest records added to Ancestry?


07 August 2023
Want to find what's new among the billions of records on the Ancestry genealogy website? Read on...

For an at-a-glance list of the latest record collections added to Ancestry, simply head over to the card catalogue.

The newest collections (as of early August 2023) for tracing ancestors in the UK and Ireland include 20 million records covering Postal Directories for Scotland, 1825-1910. Other recent additions include the British Naval Biographical Dictionary, 1849; the Northern Ireland Valuation Revision Books 1864-1933; and the Church of England baptisms, marriages and burials 1536-1812 for Hampshire.

These are just a few of the more than 2,000 record collections on Ancestry for tracing family in the British Isles.

Taking the search global, there are more than 33,000 record collections, and new additions to take your research further include those such as the 1931 Census for Canada. Together the record collections provide the resources needed to create well-researched family trees and then to drill deeper into ancestors’ times and experiences to learn more about the lives they once led.

New collections to explore at Ancestry

Postal Directories for Scotland, 1825-1910

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Including street, trade and county directories, these invaluable guides provide details of name, address and occupation for ancestors, helping to shed light on their whereabouts between the census years, and add insight to the communities in which
they lived.

British Naval Biographical Dictionary, 1849

A collection of biographies of officers in the Royal Navy penned by author William R. O’Byrne and published in 1849, this tome also provides wider naval history material.

Northern Ireland Valuation
Revision Books 1864-1933

Properties were valued annually, and the revision books were kept to track changes in value. Due to the lack of Irish census returns prior to 1901, these books provide clues
to ancestors’ whereabouts – while their absence from the records may provide clues to an ancestor’s migration too.

Church of England baptisms,
marriages and burials 1536-1812
for Hampshire

Parish registers provide family historians with a run of records that potentially spans many centuries. Prior to the introduction of civil registration of births, marriages and deaths (from 1837 for England and Wales) parish registers are the key tool to provide details about our ancestors’ major life events of baptism, marriage and burial.

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