Find your public sector ancestor in 1767-1973 records - new to FindMyPast


19 June 2020
The house of Charles White on King Street, Manchester. Coloured lithograph by A. Aglio after J. Ralston, 1823
Over 1.2 million records from a unique collection of records cared for by The UK National Archives - The Royal and Imperial Calendars - have been added to FindMyPast.

The records provide a valuable resource for tracing the location and careers of persons employed in various posts in Britain's public sphere from the 1700s through to 1973.

What are the Royal and Imperial Calendars?

The 1809 calendar states that it contains: 

"accurate lists of all the official departments of state, and branches of public service; the law; the church; national or commercial companies and institutions; and many additional articles of public utility."

The later calendars from the 20th century evolved to include the Civil Service List and additional departments such as Home Office and Treasury.

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What can I find in these records?

Each record includes a transcript and original image. The amount of information you will see will vary. You may be able to find a combination of the following:

  • First name(s)
  • Last name
  • Year
  • Archive
  • Book
  • Image

The original images may also include the following additional information:

  • Trade or occupation
  • Place or approximate address
  • Regiment
  • Ship
  • Rank
  • Pay

What occupations are included?

The collection comprises of the bound Imperial Calendars which are held by The National Archives. The early calendars from the 19 century contain persons serving or featuring in East India Company, Army, Royal Navy, Royal Household, the peerage; Law, the clergy, city officers, educational establishments, dockyard officers, bankers, medical dispensaries, General Post Office and customs.

Explore the records here.

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