Where Am I From? FamilySearch launch new interactive online activity


25 February 2020
FamilySearch has this week launched Where Am I From, an interactive resource that allows you to see the emigration and immigration movements of your ancestors.

Anyone who registers for a free FamilySearch account can use Where Am I From to find out more about their origins and explore the places that their ancestors called home.

The feature contains heritage-specific data for 240 countries and provinces. The discovery activity takes the data from your online family tree to provide 'meaningful and visual representations' that are fun to explore and share.


Dan Call, the FamilySearch experience manager for the feature, said: “Users can learn fun facts from their family homelands, like the types of food they eat, popular recipes, and family and social dynamics, including common greetings, gestures, and other cultural attributes.

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He explained that FamilySearch found the feature is particularly popular with younger users, sharing photos, stories and facts about their family.

Four key experiences of Where Am I From?

  • Generation: Use an interactive, global map to pinpoint where your ancestors lived
  • Family Lines: View your family’s movement over time by specific ancestral lines
  • My Heritage: Discover where your ancestors came from and explore the heritage of your homelands
  • Timeline: Learn where your ancestors were during major world events

Start exploring here.

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