Explore over 100,000 Episcopalian births and baptisms in Pennsylvania


21 July 2022
Worlds End State Park in Sullivan County, Pennsylvania, copyright Nicholas A Tonelli
The new collection at FindMyPast contains over 117,000 Episcopalian births and baptisms from the late 1600s to the mid 1900s.

The Episcopalian Church were of Protestant faith, and though they were governed separately, were considered to work in full cooperation with the Church of England. 

The information in this collection varies from record to record, but will include a combination of:

  • event year (birth or baptism)
  • full name, parents' names and parish, meaning you could discover more than one generation

These records have been provided by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and include images from a variety of sources. The records range from the late 1600s to the mid-1900s. Each result included in this collection will have both a transcript and an image of the source document (e.g. original registers, historical society publications, etc.)

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It is probable that for those not born in the American Colonies or the United States in the earliest years of these records, you may be able to find them in parish records from across England, Scotland and Wales, in particular. 

Search at FindMyPast.

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