Discover 260,000 records in new poll books collection


24 August 2020
The latest poll books release from TheGenealogist allows researchers to track ancestors in years not covered by the census.

TheGenealogist has released over 260,000 records into its Poll Book Record Collection. Poll books can be used to find the address of an ancestor's residence from the period before and after the census records. 

The newly-released Poll Books range from 1747 to 1930 and join existing records that also cover periods between the census years. 

The release allows researchers to:

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  • Find ancestors who had the vote 
  • Discover where ancestors were registered to cast their ballot
  • See the nature of their qualification to vote, such as owning rateable property
  • Search Poll Books that range from 1747 to the 1930s

Which areas are covered?

The records cover 36 different registers of people who were entitled to vote and covers constituencies in Bath, Devon, Hampshire, Hertford, Kent, Lincolnshire, London, Monmouthshire, Northumberland, Rutland, Scotland, Shropshire, Somerset, Staffordshire, Suffolk and Surrey.

The records can be explored by anyone with a Diamond subscription at TheGenealogist. Find out more on their website

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