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16 October 2020
New: Turn Your MyHeritage Family Photos into Stunning Wall Art

MyHeritage has announced that its users can now easily turn their family photos on MyHeritage into beautiful wall art! We have created a seamless product integration with Mixtiles and arranged for MyHeritage users to receive incredible discounts of up to 50% off when they order multiple prints, plus free worldwide shipping!

Watch this short video to learn more about it:

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Mixtiles is a leading global service for printed wall art. They print beautiful 8×8 inch (20×20 cm) photo tiles that stick and restick to your walls without a hammer or nails. This makes them a fabulous gift to give to your loved ones, especially those who love nostalgic photos (who doesn’t?).

If you’ve taken advantage of MyHeritage’s powerful photo tools — the Photo Enhancer and MyHeritage In Color™ — to transform your family photos into stunning, high-quality, full-color images, you now have a fantastic option for putting the results on display to enjoy in your home… or giving your loved ones a truly unique gift. All in just a few clicks!

With people spending more time at home during 2020 than ever before, there’s no better time to brighten up your living space with wall displays that bring you joy and remind you of the people you love the most.

The perfect family history gift

MyHeritage’s founder and CEO, Gilad Japhet, was the one who came up with the idea of partnering with Mixtiles. Fascinated with family photos to the point of obsession, Gilad collected more than 100,000 historical photos of his family and was looking for a way to turn them into beautiful gifts for his family members. He couldn’t wait and arranged a surprise gift of Mixtiles for his mother, Sara.

The photos previously had their focus sharpened using MyHeritage Photo Enhancer, and some were colorized using MyHeritage In Color™. Gilad’s mom was ecstatic to receive the gift!

How do I use Mixtiles?

Mixtiles are extremely lightweight and feature a special adhesive that makes them easy to hang on the wall anywhere. No need for drilling or hammering, just stick them where you want them: they adhere easily and firmly to any surface and leave no residue or damage upon removal. If you decide you’d like to move them, simply take them down and stick them somewhere else.

The square format and easy configuration of these tiles offer a unique advantage when it comes to displaying family photos. You can order a mix of recent and historical photos and display them side by side to emphasize family resemblances and draw visual connections between the generations!

Special offer!

Turning your MyHeritage photos into stunning wall art could not be easier. Simply upload your photos to MyHeritage, select the original photos or colorize and enhance them, and then order your wall art. You’ll enjoy free door-to-door shipping worldwide and exclusive discounts that vary by country.

If you are ordering to the U.S., the U.K., and Canada, you’ll benefit from the following discounts:

  • 20% off for orders of 3+ Mixtiles
  • 35% off for orders of 6+ Mixtiles
  • 50% off for orders of 12+ Mixtiles

Orders to other countries are also entitled to discounts. Follow the ordering procedure to see the discounts available for your country. Shipping is free worldwide.

Ordering wall art of photos already uploaded to MyHeritage

You can order a print for any photo that is already on MyHeritage. Start by selecting “My Photos” from the Family Tree tab on the navigation bar. All your photos will be displayed.

Click any of your photos to open the photo page. Once you’re on the photo page, click on the new fuchsia-colored tile icon on the top left of the photo.

The selected photo will be your most recent version of that photo — whether it is the original photo, the colorized version, the enhanced version, or the enhanced and colorized version. To toggle between the latest version of the photo and the original, click on the 3 dots on top of the photo.

The pop-up page allows you to proceed to turn your photo into wall art by selecting “Print as wall art,” or choose “Select more photos”.

If you choose to select more photos, you’ll be taken back to the “My Photos” page. From there you’ll be able to select multiple photos to print as wall art.

Once you’ve selected your favorite photos and clicked “Print as wall art,” you’ll be transferred to the Mixtiles site to complete your order.

First, an intermediate screen explains what will be shared with Mixtiles.

You’ll be asked to sign up to Mixtiles for free before placing your order.

If you approve, you will be taken to the Mixtiles website to complete your order. No personal information will be shared by MyHeritage with Mixtiles so you will need to create a new account there (for free) by providing your name and email address. Once you do that, Mixtiles will automatically fetch the photos you’ve selected from MyHeritage and grant you the exclusive discount that you’re entitled to as a MyHeritage user, of up to 50% off! The more photos you select, the bigger the discount.

Once you’re on the review page on Mixtiles, you’ll be able to select different frames, or to leave your photos frameless (Edge style, which is our favorite).

Mixtiles allows you to zoom in or reposition the photo within the frame, because Mixtiles are square but your photo might be rectangular.

Click “Checkout” to complete your order.

Another way to order multiple photos is directly from the “My Photos” section on MyHeritage.
There is a fuchsia-colored button there too, labeled “Print as wall art”. Click it.

After selecting your favorite photos, click “Print as wall art” again. A pop-up window will appear with your selections.

You can click the 3 dots on the top left of each photo to select the original instead of the most recent version of the photo that you’ve colorized or enhanced (if you wish), or to unselect any photo.

Click Continue and complete your order on the Mixtiles website. If you already have an account there, it will just be a matter of making adjustments until you are pleased with your order, and clicking “Checkout”.

Your Mixtiles will be delivered with free shipping to any address around the world.


With MyHeritage’s new integration with Mixtiles, you can easily turn your family photos into affordable, stunning, easy-to-install-and-adjust wall art. Surround yourself with cherished memories of your ancestors and relatives — or delight your family members with a beautiful gift and enjoy their reaction and gratitude when they receive it.

Visit MyHeritage and turn your photos into wall art today!