Census Helper from MyHeritage now includes England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and more


20 May 2022
Census Helper from MyHeritage
MyHeritage have announced that their Census Helper tool, which initially covered just the US, has been expanded to include the censuses of many more countries.

Census Helper™ now includes nationwide censuses from the United States, Canada, England and Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Denmark, and Norway.

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What is Census Helper?

Census Helper is a powerful free tool that offers help with census research and enables you to focus your research. Armed with the list it creates, you’ll know exactly which family members to search for in census records. 

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For example, if you are a MyHeritage user with Scottish roots, you’ll be able to use the Census Helper to find all the information on your relatives who likely appeared in the Scottish censuses. You‘ll also be able to see which people in your family tree might appear in the other nationwide census collections, and then find their records and save them to your tree.

You can find Census Helper on your family site at MyHeritage under the “Research” tab on the navigation. If you don’t have your family tree at MyHeritage, you can upload a Gedcom file here to get started.

By default, when you enter the Census Helper, it will display the latest census collection that is available for your country of location, if available. To pick a different census, use the census selector. The tool is available to MyHeritage users and non-users alike.

Find more tips in MyHeritage’s Census Helper blog.