5.8M records from JewishGen published at MyHeritage


22 February 2022
MyHeritage has just published 5.8 million records from 28 collections from JewishGen.

The release of these records — made possible thanks to MyHeritage’s collaboration with the Museum of Jewish Heritage - A Living Memorial to the Holocaust and its affiliate, JewishGen, a leading website for Jewish genealogy - constitutes the first installment of a licensing agreement that will ultimately make almost all the JewishGen records accessible on MyHeritage.

The records in these collections will benefit from MyHeritage’s matching technologies, which automatically match historical records with the 83 million family trees on MyHeritage. Also, JewishGen records were available to search and view in English only, however, now international users will benefit from MyHeritage’s Global Name Translation Technology™, which allows individuals researching in other languages, such as Hebrew, Russian, or Greek, to search and view these records, with the names translated into their native languages.

For more information on each collection, visit MyHeritage.

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