4,000 new records added to Middlesex Monumental Inscriptions collection at FindMyPast


28 March 2022
Churchyard at Harefield Parish Church, St Mary the Virgin
Nearly 4,000 new records have been added to this collection, covering seven parishes across the county.

Was your ancestor buried in Middlesex, England between 1485 and 2019? Discover your ancestor’s birth year, death year, and place of burial. Learn what was inscribed on your ancestor’s tombstone, which may provide you with additional family member names.

This collection of monumental inscriptions, provided by West Middlesex Family History Society, includes transcripts for each entry. While the amount of available information will vary from transcript to transcript, most will include the following details:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Birth year
  • Death year
  • Dedication
  • Place
  • County
  • Monument type
  • Inscription – may include the names of others buried in that plot as well as more specific details regarding age and birth and death dates. This can be incredibly helpful as it can provide you with the names and dates of your ancestor’s next of kin, including their relation to one another.
  • Description link – links you to a PDF document hosted on an external website that includes histories, images, and burial ground plans for the churches represented in this collection.
  • Memorial reference
  • Position reference

Records background

The records have been provided by Hillingdon Family History Society, West Middlesex Family History Society, and West Drayton & Northwood, Middlesex. Through the use of volunteers and society members, the societies have created copies of monumental inscriptions across Middlesex. A full list of the parishes in this collection are available in the useful links and resources section.

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Many of the transcripts will include a document link. Follow the document link on your ancestor’s transcript to learn more about the church and graveyard your ancestor was buried in. Included in each will be a brief history and image of the church, as well as burial plot maps.

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